Our Philosophy

“A place for agents” – our tagline for AgentMY Online (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd. Our philosophy is about “People”, we strongly believe “People over Product, You are more than what you sell!” This is also the tagline in findWHERE.info.

WHY? Borrowing the “Start with Why” of Simon Sinek, our WHY is about establishing a movement of Salespersons in recording of Salesmanship Journey, distinguishing oneself from others. This wave of movement – we organize through the use of our platforms, is called Project Malaysia “Focus Groups”.

WHAT are the things we do, HOW we do it and WHY we do it, please read here.

Go to the below links to read more about “Project Malaysia – Focus Groups”.

Simon Sinek’s Best Seller – Start with WHY, is the origin of our philosophy of “People”. The Wall-E (2008) movie icons – Wall-E and Eve, are reflections of the choices you have as salespersons. You may choose to be “Wall-E” or “Eve” – equipped with technology, in your career. This is entirely up to you. A salesperson can keep the traditional way of doing sales, or embark on new frontier of technology and embrace information technology to ride of social media and both are no right, no wrong.

Hence, our philosophy of “People – salespersons” should adapt to changes, overcome the obstacles and undergo metamorphosis to evolve into more efficient and effective salespersons. This is imminent in today’s marketplace because “People” are being replaced by technology, system and platforms.

Take for example, real estate salespersons. In the old days, a good old neighbourhood agent recommended a property for sale or lease and people respectfully honoured the words he said. He was trusted and respected. Nowadays, it is no more about this good old neighbourhood agent, it is about platform and systems of online listings. People do NOT value the advice of the good old neighbourhood agent anymore. The property (Product) is more important than the good old neighbourhood agent (People).

As long as I get a good property, I do NOT care about the good old neighbourhood agent.

AgentMY.Online does NOT think so…

We strongly believe that:

  • As salespersons, we need to create value beyond just the product we are selling;
  • As responsible salespersons, we carry the ‘duty of care’ beyond just the product we are selling;
  • As tech-savvy salespersons, we need to portray professional selling with data and not just empty talks;

therefore, AgentMY Online (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd has developed platforms and systems to enable salespersons to achieve they respective selling with emphasis on “People over Product – you are more than what you sell!”

We have 3 prone business activities:

  1. Real Estate Agency Practice (under various registered Real Estate Agency Firms, e.g. sinjunproperties.com)
  2. Platforms for selling listings – findwhere.info, contract2u.com, myrealproperty.online, justland.info, midtermrent.online, and ejenharta.com
  3. Education and training – estateagentexam.com & estateplanningmalaysiaacademy.com

Thank you. We hope that you will find our platforms and focus groups useful for your journey in salesmanship.

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