Archive: 1 February 2024

Mid-Term Rentals

MidTermRent.Online is our new platform in AgentMY.Online.

There are myriad of websites and platforms for rental services. However, the focus is blurred due to appetite of taking the whole rather than chewing the parts.

Hence, the advent of MidTermRent.Online, a platform only caters for rentals more than 1 month, but less than 1 year. Our tagline is : 1m <To Let < 1y.

We focus on demands of Mid-Term Rentals which are 3 months to half a year or so, facilitating tenants on a short assignments or transition to the next project.

This segment of tenants are as below.

  • Short term training professionals
  • Projects for corporate clients
  • Students on Industrial attachments
  • Medical needs of elderly group
  • Engagement of work in temporary assignment (accounting, audit, etc.)
  • Government transfers and gazettements
  • MM2H applicants
  • Other needs of housing for short to medium term durations